Looking for a unique and profitable fundraiser for your group, school or local community? Our customized discount cards are a perfect choice!

Unlike other companies that are happy to provide you and your group a "cookie cutter" discount card that they'd provide to anyone else in your geographic region who'd like to sell them also. Why is this a problem? It's a problem because when multiple groups are selling the same discount card (or most any item for that matter), you have less of an opportunity to earn as much as you could otherwise. 

 When you work with The Penny Pincher, your discount cards are fully customized for your group. We'll customize the discount card with your group's logo, colors and more! We'll also reach out to local businesses in your area to acquire discounts and coupons to feature on your card. You'll fill out our simple "Merchant Wish List" to let us know what businesses in your area you'd like to see featured, and we'll do all the work behind the scenes to put your card together. 

We recommend selling your discount cards for $10-15 each. Think about how much money you could raise!

Our discount cards feature up to 30 local businesses in your area and coupons for each which are valid for 12 consecutive months of continuous use. We just ask for 4-6 weeks to compile all the offers, design your discount card, print them, and get them delivered to you. 

Have more questions about how all this works? Just send us an email or call us today! 

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Fundraising Discount Card / Community Savings Card

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